Who are iMist Fire Suppression Specialists?

iMist are fire suppression specialists that provide a thoroughly tested water mist system, offering an economical alternative to traditional fire sprinkler systems. iMist systems are proven to effectively suppress fires, using minimal water, keeping damage minimal on activation.

You will have come across the fire triangle at one point, which explains the components in which are needed to get a fire started. Oxygen, fuel and heat are the three components needed to start a fire.

The iMist fire suppression system only requires a minimal amount of water, as it discharges at high pressure, to produce a fine water mist.  Our system in essence attacks all 3 aspects of the Fire Triangle simultaneously.  

The water mist will fill the area of coverage and dampen all surfaces to restrict fire spread (takes away the fuel).  As the water is discharged at high pressure, the temperature in the room is dramatically reduced (takes away the heat).  As the water mist hits the flame front it turns to steam (takes away the oxygen).  

As our system only uses a minimal amount of water – and a lot of that is turned to steam – water damage is kept to a minimum.

iMist Fire Triangle

How Did iMist Fire Suppression Begin?

iMist set out with the goal to make the installation of fire suppression systems for domestic & residential dwellings easier and quicker than it historically has been.

Looking at what traditional fire sprinkler companies were required to do to install in domestic and residential dwellings, iMist decided that the length of time for installation, alongside the need for considerable amounts of water and disruption caused by fixed pipework, were what led many people to get frustrated at the industry.

Over the last few years, we have developed a system and company not to be underestimated. iMist are, in fact, one company, of only a few, around the world that keep everything in house from manufacturing, through to design and installation, and then to final sign off.

iMist Accreditations North America & UK

Taking our word for what we can achieve at iMist is not what we wanted our clients to do. We wanted to vigorously test our system, so that, not only can we talk the talk, we could in fact walk the walk. 

The system now being installed has completed testing in the UK, with both BS:8458 & DD:8458 test reports to suit, and has also under gone UL & ULC testing, and all components are now listed, and our system is currently being tested in other markets across the world, with an array of accreditations.

Fire is an unfortunate event, and we want to work to bring down the potential casualties and fatalities related to fire incidents.

Your life is important, more so than material possessions, and the iMist system works to provide an extra layer of safety if a fire occurs, as a solution before a problem. A fire suppression system gives more time for firefighters to attend a fire, by suppressing or at least controlling it from spreading.

We are pleased to announce that the iMist system has now successfully activated in 2 live fire instances and potentially saved thousands of pounds in damages and prevented any casualties or fatalities being caused by the 2 potential fires.

If your project falls into the category of single family dwelling or multiple family dwelling, then our company is the perfect suit. For the most testing products we have the ingenuity and means to be able to develop bespoke systems to help our customers meet building regulations.

There has been a positive decrease in fire related incidents, and we believe this is due to stricter laws around multiple family dwellings and single family dwellings, including instructions from building controls. 

Domestic Fire Suppression Systems iMist