Benefits of a Fire Suppression Watermist System

Water mist systems are still a fairly new system in the market, and are gradually becoming more recognised by homeowners and property developers, increasing in popularity due to the ease of the system and the multiple benefits, especially when compared to fire suppression alternatives. 

8 Reasons To Choose Us

iMist fire suppression



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With the use of flexible, hydraulic hoses, our system is capable of being retrofit in already built properties. This makes it perfect for renovations, refurbishments and upgrades to pre-existing buildings. ​


No Hidden Costs

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When we send you a quote for our system, this is the price you will pay for the components required. There are no hidden extras once we have quoted.
iMist fire suppression


Water Damage

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Upon activation, the iMist system uses 6L per minute of water, significantly less than traditional fire sprinkler systems, that use around 51L per minute. Meaning water damage is kept to a minimum, not affecting other properties.​


No Tank

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Water mist systems use such a small amount of water, they can connect directly to the mains water feed. Due to this, only a small pump unit is required, which is discreet and compact enough for a kitchen cupboard!​


Overhead Installation

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Our system is installed in the ceiling, so acts as an overhead suppression system. This allows you more freedom in your home, not limiting you on furniture placements and you can design how you like!​
iMist fire suppression


No Subcontracts

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All of our installations are completed directly by iMist engineers, who have been trained in-house. From your original quote to your installation, you will only ever deal with an iMist employee directly. ​


Quicker Installation

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Due to the flexibility of our hydraulic hoses, our system can be retrofit into most property types, giving us the capability of quicker installation.
iMist fire suppression


Always Ready

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A wet-pipe system means that the hoses are always holding water, which means when called up on for activation, the response time is much faster and there is minimal delay in suppressing the fire. ​

Third Party Accredited Systems

We have worked hard with third-party accreditors to obtain our accreditations for installation, design and manufacturing. 

Below are our third party approval certificates from BSI, in accordance to ISO 9001:2015.

Installation Third Party
Approved and Audited

iMist fire suppression

Design Third Party
Approved and Audited

iMist fire suppression

Manufacture Third Party
Approved and Audited

iMist fire suppression

Doing our bit for the environment

At iMist, we believe that not only should your property be protected, but doing our part to protect the environment too. We’ve designed the system to use as little water as possible in the event of a fire, and even less when the system is not in use. 


Traditional fire sprinklers are run from a water tank, which will have a vast amount of water sitting in the tank for sometimes years on end, not being used. As the iMist system uses the mains water, we only call upon the water when needed, without it sitting around in a separate tank.


When a fire happens, this can result in a lot of different toxins and chemicals, from the fuel of the fire and the gases. The water used by fire fighters and traditional sprinkler systems will gather these toxins and chemicals, which result in firewater run-off into the environment.


Most fire related deaths are caused by the gases, such as hydrogen cyanide. The iMist system uses such small water droplets, that they work to minimise the smoke from a fire, and as a result, lowering the amount of toxic gases in the air, providing a safer escape route, and environment for firefighters on arrival.