iMist CPD

We provide CPD (continued professional development) presentations around the world, presented by our experience presenters. 

Our team consists of experienced ex firefighters, who have dealt with the tragedies and effects of a fire first hand. 

All of our CPD’s are catered to for yourself, at a location of your choice, alongside a free lunch provided by iMist. 

Meet our
Ex Firefighters

Jeremy Zemlicka
Fire Fighter

Minnesota Co-Ordinator

Jeremy has been a firefighter since 2015, and is still currently a volunteer alongside working with iMist. 

In his time as a firefighter, Jeremy has obtained: Firefighter 1 and 2, HazMat operations & EMR qualifications and continues to work towards his EMT and fire investigator certification.

iMist USA Jeremy

The reason that I joined iMist was the fact that there are such few options for fire suppression systems when it comes to residential homes, especially when it comes to retrofitting in a home. I have witnessed what fire can do to a home in just a few minutes. With the proper use of smoke alarms and a fire suppression system, it can increase your chances of survival exponentially. Insurance can't replace everything.

Jeremy Zemlicka

Eddie Sibley
Fire Fighter

North-East England Co-Ordinator

Eddie served as a whole time firefighter for 10 years with the last 18 months spent as a Temporary Crew Manager with White Watch. He also had a brief spell as a Firefighter with Red Watch before joining iMist in 2018.

He is a qualified FRU technician, Swift Water Rescue Technician and Large Animal Rescue AR2.

iMist Fire Suppression Eddie

I work for iMist because the system works and will save lives. It replicates the way I was taught to fight fires with the minimum amount of water. Get the fire out without causing more damage.

Eddie Sibley

Steve Newman
EngTech, MIFireE

London CPD Presenter

Steve joined the London Fire Brigade in 1976, serving for 29 years. He worked in various roles, including; Operational Firefighter, Fire Safety Inspecting Officer, Fire Investigation Officer, Command Staff Officer, Head of a Borough Fire Safety Team & Course Director, before retiring in 2005. 

After retirement, Steve had his own Fire Consultancy business before joining iMist in 2017. 

iMist Fire Suppression Steve

I enjoy working for iMist because they are a forward thinking company with a great support team. No matter what your personal experience, they will listen to your comments and views and act upon them if necessary.

Steve Newman

Robert 'Bob' Rearie

Scotland CPD Presenter

Bob has been in the fire service since 1990, working across several disciplines, from Operations, Fire Safety, Learning & Development, including Station, Senior & Lead Officer over his 30 year service.

He has worked with training new fire service recruits, as well as working on Fire Service guidance and procedure documents, before retiring his uniformed role in April 2018 and joining iMist in 2019. 

iMist Fire Suppression Bob

I joined the team at iMist, not only because they produce a product that I completely believe in, but as a company they have the integrity and professionalism I am accustomed to from my time in the fire service. The iMist system is a lifesaving product which replicates modern firefighting techniques and would be my domestic or residential fire suppression system of choice.

Robert Rearie

Meet our
CPD Presenters

Tim Andrews
BSc (Hons) Bldg. Surv

UK Business Development Manager

Tim has been working with developing fire suppression systems & fire engineering since 1999, with an impressive career over 20 years, alongside a HND in Building Studies and an honours degree in Building Surveying.

He joined the iMist team in 2018, and has been a vital part of our growth.

iMist Fire Suppression Tim

I joined iMist because I was immensely impressed with the advantages that a high pressure watermist system has over a traditional sprinkler system. I still enjoy the look on people’s faces when you explain that you don’t need a tank and we won’t absolutely flood the building if there is a fire. The company is going from strength to strength and I am enjoying being a part of it.

Tim Andrews

Stephen Herman

New York Co-Ordinator

Stephen started a career as a general contractor, before transitioning to a sales representative for a building material supplier. 

Holding a certificate for construction electricity from L.A. Wilson Tech, and being a member of the NFPA, Stephen is a vital part of the iMist USA team. 

iMist USA Stephen

Working for iMist has been an absolute pleasure. Company that really cares about its employees and the product/service they provide.

Stephen Herman

Pete Johnson

North Carolina Co-Ordinator

Pete has previously worked as a volunteer firefighter, and served in the United States  Coast Guard. 

He joined iMist at the beginning of 2019 as a Sales Manager, and has shown continued growth in North Carolina. 

iMist USA Peter

Everyday is another opportunity to make a difference, knowing that we are helping save lives with our water mist fire suppression system.
There is nothing greater than knowing my work is helping make a difference by keeping people safe. I am proud to represent iMist.

Pete Johnson

Joseph Moats

Los Angeles Co-Ordinator

Joseph is an experienced Business Development manager, with experience in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. 

Intrigued by the benefits of fire suppression,  he joined iMist in 2018 to help build our brand in Los Angeles. 

iMist USA Joseph

I’m proud to be a part of iMist’s expansion into the United States. It’s exciting to know that I’m representing a great company, with an improved fire sprinkler solution that is going to save lives.

Joseph Moats

Jessie Lirios

Canadian Co-Ordinator

My life experiences have taught me to always make sure that you love what you do. That’s where true passion, and excellent work ethic come naturally into play. iMist has given me the daily opportunity to help people and to do my part in changing the world for the better.

Jessie Lirios
Jessie iMist Canada

Tristan Lynch

Norwegian Co-Ordinator

I started at iMist in September 2018. Since then iMist has been an amazing journey with amazing people to meet along the way. It was a coincidence to find out about them, but it’s been nothing but a pleasuring coincidence at that. If anything has come from this journey it's understanding something which everyone at iMist employs – Plan your path proactively. This is the best place to learn how to do that.

Tristan Lynch
iMist Norge Tristan

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