iMist Accreditations and Certifications

It isn’t a requirement for water mist fire suppression systems to be third party accredited, but iMist wanted to give our customers confidence in our products.

We have worked extensively with Warrington Fire and ISO to achieve BS:8458 and ISO 9001. Prior to BS8458, we had achieved DD8458, meaning there has now been 11 live fire tests successfully achieved with Warrington fire. ISO9001, requires a third party (BSI) to audit our installations, designs etc. at regular intervals.

Each test used a live fire setting, to show the capabilities of the system in suppressing fires with different layouts. You can see our full testing document here:

Alongside the testing, BS 8458 has 3 specifications to be fully compliant, these consist of: ceiling mounted nozzles, wet pipe system and must be mechanically actuated. The iMist system meets all of these requirements.

Alongside BS 8458 and ISO 9001, we have multiple accreditations to mark the products and service we provide, including being recognised by LABC, LABSS and LABC Cymru as approved fire suppression system to be used in accordance to building regulations.

You can see the full list of our accreditations and certificates here:

iMist Accreditations & Certifications 1

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