Family Homes

Whether your home is 2 bed or more, it is still shrouded with the possibility of a fire. If you have small children around, or teenagers who spend their time in their room on a games console. Distractions in the family home can be detrimental to possible fire risks, and can be more prevalent in family homes, with so much going on at once.


Living in a built up area could also increase a risk of fire hazards in your property, as sometimes parking on the road by other homes can prevent a fire engine from getting to your property in time to put out a fire, and gives the fire more time to spread from home to home. Installing a fire suppression system can help to alleviate the risks of a fire spreading, and suppress the fire, giving the fire brigade more time to arrive at the property and put the fire out completely.

Water Mist Fire Sprinkler System iMist