Fire Suppression Specialists

The iMist system is manufactured and designed in our factory. 

All installs, services and commissions are completed by qualified iMist engineers. 

We are proud to not use any sub-contractors, and your whole process and correspondence will be directly with an iMist employee. 

Why iMist?

iMist fire protection systems are easy to install, cost-effective and discreet.

Our water mist nozzles protrude 2 cm below the ceiling making them barely noticeable.

We use high quality, flexible, stainless-steel braided piping to make the installation quick and as smooth as possible.

The iMist alternative fire sprinkler system is manufactured and designed in our factory. 

The iMist Process

We aim to keep our entire process simple and stress-free. From your initial inquiry and installation to yearly servicing and updates.

iMist Fire Sprinkler Alternative

Initial Contact

We have offices in multiple locations, so finding your local office is easy. Once you have sent through your initial inquiry for fire protection, a member of the iMist team will be in touch to discuss your water mist project requirements.

iMist Fire Sprinkler Alternative

Site Visit & Assessment

iMist will arrange a site visit by one of our qualified engineers. During this visit, the water mist hose routes, pump location, and site contacts will be discussed and agreed. Following the visit, our first fix fire suppression installation will be booked in.

iMist Fire Sprinkler Alternative


The water mist system installation process consists of two distinct steps – first and second fix. On the first fix visit, an iMist engineer will arrive with high-pressure hoses and the final layout. The second fix visit involves our engineers arriving on site with the iMist nozzles and pump. 

iMist Fire Sprinkler Alternative


Once your iMist system has been installed and commissioned, we can set up an SMS reminder for your yearly service, power outage or to even alert you when the system has gone off. Giving you peace of mind when it comes to fire protection.

Client Testimonials


Thank you again for all your help. I have taken every opportunity to sing the praises of iMIST and your survey and installation teams. Everyone to whom I have shown the system has been very impressed. 

iMist Fire Suppression

The site team are always very accommodating and very helpful during installation, and can work with minimum supervision. The management and design team are very productive and helpful.

iMist Fire Suppression


In an Industry that requires the highest standard of installation, this is the company for you. I can’t speak highly enough of them! They have been incredibly understanding throughout the project, and they have helped us with many questions and problems.

iMist Fire Suppression

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