Residential Case Studies

We’re proud to have worked on various residential properties, all across the UK, installing our economical, alternative fire sprinkler system. 

Reading - Queens Court
Student Accommodation
250 Nozzles
Queens Court, Reading, is a large student accommodation complex, with over 500 units. 56 rooms were situated in the top two floors of the building, and the local fire brigade recommended a sprinkler system to be installed.
The property has students staying all year round, so did not have the capabilities to move a large number of students to temporary accommodation.
We offered the change to retrofit the iMist system to all 56 units whilst the students were still there, by installing independent systems per unit instead of a joint communal system.
Within one month of starting the project, we had finished the retrofit of 56 systems in 56 units, whilst the students were still living there; meaning no loss of income for the client and no disruption to the students.
We are now working on our 4th project for our client, who were very grateful for the install.
Chichester - The Forge
30 Nozzles
The Forge is a beautifully finished modern development, featuring 6 generously sized apartments, which are sharing 30 nozzles. This project was especially difficult, as we were given 2 weeks to install a communal system, creating minimal mess as the properties were being viewed whilst the install was happening.
When we completed the project, the client asked for nozzles that would be in keeping with their chrome light fittings, which added very little time to finish the project.
Since the original install we have completed multiple more projects for this client across Portsmouth.
London - Rembrant House
Residential Flats
215 Nozzles
Rembrant house was a disused Edwardian hospital, that was put forward to be converted to a total of 80 flats. The overall project took 1 year to complete, with iMist frequently installing alongside their schedule.
The system was connected to many AOV's and fire panels in the property and allowed iMist to showcase our system and work to the local fire brigade, who were impressed with the flexibility of our system.
Caradog House, Cardiff
Student Accommodation
700 Nozzles
Caradog House is a 700 unit student accommodation property, which was a new build in Central Cardiff.
The project spanned over 18 months, with iMist personnel on site almost every day over this course. This large scale project got lots of attention from the local community and led to the iMist Welsh team, gaining lots of local work to support the iMist Wales team.
Llys Faith, Cardiff
Retirement Homes
322 Nozzles
This development was part 1 or 2, for a large scale assisted living build in Cardiff. iMist installed nozzles throughout the building in all habitable rooms, with pump units being stored in the plant room.
The customer had originally planned to use a sprinkler company to complete the job, but was concerned about the size of the tank they would need to house.
They approached iMist due to the smaller amount of water needed, and were very please to learn the space originally planned for a tank could be used as an addition room for the property.
Ty Glas Avenue, Cardiff
Retirement Homes
528 Nozzles
Following on from the Llys Faith job, this was part 2 of the development, which iMist have recently completed. iMist installation is currently taking place on more projects with this customer after successfully completing the previous installs.
At each project where tanks are no longer needed for a fire suppression system, gave the customer the opportunity to provide in house services, such as hair dressing and more.
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